Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Nissan GT-R

2010_gtr_nissan_turingNissan Motor Co. has launched a sports car Nissan GT-R 2011 on sale in Japan mid November. Nissan improvements in the machinery sector. Now, a more powerful engine, more torque and EFIS. Handling is also improved to comply with a more powerful engine performance.

2010_gtr_nissan_turing_side_viewOuter side knows the changes that impact on improving the aerodynamics. Interior alloy wheels and tires are also strengthened. Nissan makes this great change in the context of efforts to improve technology, design and performance GT-R began in December 2007.

2010_gtr_nissan_turing_up_viewNissan has made ​​a series of changes such as boost is increased, adjust the valve timing of new and re-calibrating the ECU to encourage maximum energy of 523hp and 451 pounds-feet of torque, a significant increase from the previous 485hp and 424 pounds-feet machines has also received glowing red cover, which contrasted with the previous machine. Plus a reinforcing strut that connects the two upper front suspension.

2010_gtr_nissan_turing_back_viewRe-formulated suspension system and now the end is 20inch alloy wheel disc brakes are difficult to hide a new, more durable and resistant to wear. This year, Nissan adds a new option for the circuit with a special variant edition of the Track Club and a very exclusive version that can dikustom EGOIST accordance with the demands of each individual customer.

2011-nissan-gtr-dashboardWith the addition of a variant of that, now the GT-R offers six versions of the Pure Edition, Black Edition, Premium Edition, Spec V, athletic club and selfish. This helps consumers choose the desired level of performance and style dynamic demand. GT-R 2011 will be released in North America, Europe and other regions after February 2011. Nissan plans to provide EGOIST in Europe and the Middle East.