Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Fiat Concept Car Mio FCC III

The Fiat Mio Federal Communications Commission III conception automobile will come in Sao Paulo Motor Show in October 2010, Fiat Mio FCC III is ultra abject emanation so it’s get eco friendly.
2010 Fiat Mio FCC III Concept Car
There are two potential designs for the final concept car, ‘Precision’ and ‘Sense’, both based on ideas and suggestions submitted to Fiat by customers/fans through the Mio FCC III microsite.
This concept car has immense potential to be developed into a small car for the Brazilian market and naturally the whats good for Brazil is good for India too. Fiat Mio Designer show the Mio initiative last year as a way of connecting with their Brazilian consumer base.
Fiat Mio FCC III have 2.5 beats farseeing and 1.5 meters high make this car become citified street car. This car boasting unique alighting at rear and battlefront of this car with LED or soft flourescent. Inside of this car , you will find high-tech and futuristic cabin design also a unique touchscreen in the dash. FCC III can commune with other automobiles because this car accept several connectivity alternatives.
By the time October rolls around, the definitive version will have been chosen from the various ideas and possibilities that appear on the website. The Mio will most likely be an electric drive car and by the time the concept stage is complete, many of the solutions will be adopted by the Fiat Topolino, expected for 2013.