Monday, July 26, 2010

Bugatti Sports Cars Type 12-2 Concept Car

Bugatti Sports Cars Type 12-2 Concept Car
Here is a Bugatti Concept CarBugatti Type 12-2. Racer X has lifted the covers on a new concept vehicle they are calling the Bugatti Type 12-2 concept car which is highlighted by ample storage space and new practical designs. Bugatti is a most famous sports car manufacture, so it is just about power, speed, luxury and everything, designed especially for those who love speed, comfort and style.

Bugatti Type 12-2 concept has been created as a 2+2 sports GT for the Bugatti brand. it is not intended for production. Designed as an example of a luxurious four seater GT, the type 12-2 is the artwork of Reuben Zammit.

The idea is to use a VW derived W12 engine with a twin turbo layout hence the name 12-2. Although not as extravagant as the W16 used in the Veyron, there would be enough power to propel the Type 12-2 to over 200 mph. Every time it competed with 4 different demo cars in 2 different classes for bodystyling.

On the subject of performance, things get considerably more hypothetical. This being purely a design study (and not even a Bugatti-commissioned one) any power-train speculation should be taken with more than a few grains of salt. Racer X's specified FR configuration seems to eliminate the Veyron's all-wheel drive, quad-turbo W-16 configuration. Meanwhile, the name "12-2" seems to hint at a 12-cylinder mill sleeping beneath the coupe's hood.

Bugatti Sports Cars Type 12-2 Concept Car
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