Friday, July 16, 2010

Ferrari Sports Car FSX Concept Four-Door Supercar Sedan

It is intended to be a car for people who enjoy going on road trips with friends or family, but also like the feeling of driving a sports car. It looks to have 4 doors which is pretty unexpected because that there exists any other Ferrari car with more than two doors. This Ferrari FSX Concept also comes in these photos with a really cool design for the rims which really fits with this Ferrari FSX Concept.
Ferrari Sports Car FSX Concept
The FSX has floating A and C pillars that direct the airflow around the top of the car, into the engine bay, keeping the V12 engine cool. To provide downforce, air is passed through the revolving rear spoiler. Also at the front of the ride there’s an adjustable splitter, that directs air in the split radiators placed on each side of the Ferrari supercar.
This is a really cool, the FSX is a Ferrari concept car, but also interesting concept because it comes with a high tech design, or a concept design or any other way you want to call it. The Ferrari FSX Concept is a 4 door pretty unexpected sedan, it it comes with a high tech design and was designed to fit neatly into the Ferrari lineup. 
The vehicle is a four-door sedan powered by a naturally aspirated mid-mounted V12 engine. The FSX is a Ferrari concept car designed by Academy of Art University (San Francisco) graduate, Paul Kim. This is cool vehicle is Ferrari FSX Concept, the full name is Ferrari Sedan Xperiment. The name “FSX” stands for Ferrari Sedan Xperiment, because this is pretty much what this vehicle stands for, an unusual design experiment.