Friday, October 1, 2010

Ford F-150

The best-selling truck in America, the Ford F-150. These large trucks can be durably marked on the outside, but offers many luxuries and technological advances in smart interior. F-150 best known for its great towing capacity. It has visible wear and aggressive that much attention on the road and will be free for anyone with a lot of drag, need a strong vehicle for commercial purposes, to enjoy off-roading or just like driving a big truck. Framework of the vehicle is one of the strongest in its class. Because the F150 towing capability, AOS are often used commercially. F-150 is available in nine trim levels, so there is plenty of room to adjust your dream truck.

You can choose from three engines for the 2010 F-150. There are two eight-cylinder 4.6 liter engine and 5.4 liter V8 with 310 hp. Ride quality is very smooth and solid and the controls are improved. The most remarkable thing about this vehicle is the ability to be prepared, which maxed out at £ 11,300. Ford truck AOS is very good at pulling trailers, and offers Trailer Sway Control. An additional feature of this truck offers the tailgate step that allows people easily got into the bed.

Interior is well built and offers luxurious and comfortable chairs and there are lots of legroom in the back. There are plenty of technological progress and then, both AOS isolated from wind noise and the environment. Ford, AOS Sync system is compatible with Bluetooth audio devices and you can navigate with simple voice commands. A navigation system is available in a place that provides real-time traffic updates, weather information and displays have the ability to direct you the cheapest gas station. 10 Sony 700 watt stereo speaker system consisting of pure sound move. The chair offers great back support and no wood trim accents on the dashboard to show almost luxurious. There is an optional Work Solutions package available that provide access to the Internet and Microsoft Office programs via the LCD screen, very handy for those who use the trucks for commercial and business purposes.

F-150 is built with security in mind. This includes Anti-Lock Brake System, a system with an airbag, seatbelt pretensioners, electronic stability control and Ford, mykey AOS system, in which parents control factors such as speed and volume of their stereo while teenagers driving late . High strength steel cage power installed to absorb energy in a collision. F-150 gets an impressive 5-star rating from NHTSA in crash tests. Do you have a personal or commercial reasons in 2010 F-150 offers excellent value and brings a lot to the table including a very good towing capability, cool tech gadgets, and even a workspace for those who need it. The base model starts at around $ 21k and vary depending on the upholstery and options. This truck is perfect for anyone who needs a vehicle difficult to target, to attract commercial, not often off-roading or just love the look and feel of a heavy truck.