Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Porsche Boxster S Black Color Edition

Porsche-Boxster-S-Black-Edition-FrontIts engine Boxster Black goes from zero to 100 km / h (62 mph) 5.2 seconds (5.1 PDK gearbox), one tenth of a second faster than the Boxster S, and may reach a maximum speed of 276 km / h (171.5 mph). Average fuel consumption is 9.8 liters/100 km or 28.8 mpg.

Porsche-Boxster-S-Black-Edition-Gallerythe car gets a black body, black hood and black 19-inch rims. The rear of the intake grill is painted black, as are the twin tailpipe exhaust, even a roll-over bars are a must. Black Edition, a sign the back, another co-factor to recognize the trunk of the car, you know, if you're color blind!

Porsche-Boxster-S-Black-Edition-2-doorPorsche Boxster S Black Edition goes on sale in March 2011, with a starting price of 63,404 euro in Germany and nearly 48,000 GBP in the UK.