Friday, April 8, 2011

Build Your Own: Dealers Design Last Batch of Special-Edition 2010 Dodge Viper

Dodge has had no trouble crafting its own special-edition models to celebrate the end of the 2010 Viper's production run, but it's now opening the fun to select dealerships as well.

Dealers who managed to sell high volumes of Dodge's two-seat sports car have been awarded the chance to design their own special-edition cars. For the most part, the custom Vipers are relegated to special paint schemes for the SRT10 roadster, the SRT10 coupe, and the SRT10 ACR coupe.

Thus far, Chrysler's revealed three examples of the dealer-custom program. The snake crafted by Woodhouse Dodge in Blair, Nebraska, is perhaps most unique -- the yellow Viper breaks from tradition and applies many of the unique touches found on the Viper ACR coupe to a drop-top roadster. Tromball Dodge created the "Reverse SRT10 ACR," which inverts the color combination used earlier this year on the Snakeskin Green Special Edition. Roanoke Dodge in Roanoke, Illinois, chose to apply dual Plum Crazy racing stripes on a black SRT10 coupe.

As is the case with the umpteen other special-edition Vipers we've seen this year, production of the Dealer Exclusive Program cars will be limited to 50 in total -- roughly ten percent of the entire 2010 Viper production run.

Source: Dodge