Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ford Crafts 2011

Continuing a tradition that dates back to the 1970’s with the creation of the GT40-based Supervan 1, Ford has lifted the wraps off the next evolution of its SportVan bloodline, the one-off Transit SuperSportVan (SSV). Revealed on Tuesday at the Commercial Vehicle Show at Birmingham’s NEC in the UK, the SSV combines the smallest body available in the Transit lineup with the biggest diesel in the range.
Ford’s flagship 3.2-litre inline-five turbo diesel engine was shoehorned into a short wheelbase Transit, for maximum power-to-weight ratio. The 3.2 TDCi unit, normally found in bigger Transit models like the 4.25 tonnes Transit Jumbo, delivers 200-horsepower and a maximum torque of 470Nm (346.7 lb-ft) at 1700-2500 rpm. The inline-five is hooked up to a six-speed gearbox.
In comparison, the standard Transit SportVan is based on the popular 260, short wheelbase model with front wheel drive, a 140HP 2.2-litre TDCi diesel engine and a six-speed transmission.
Aside from the powertrain changes, the Transit SSV features several exterior upgrades such as the Le Mans-style bonnet stripes, twin exhausts, deep-dish white alloy wheels wrapped around low profile 235/45 tires, front and rear lower spoilers, side skirts and extended wheel arches.
Steve Clary, commercial vehicles director, Ford of Britain, had this to say about the SSV: "[The] Transit has a strong reputation for its robustness and practicality. We wanted to add some contemporary fun and also showcase our engineers’ skill and enthusiasm. SuperSportVan demonstrates just how far you can go with a white Transit van by mixing and matching regular technology in a different way."
Ford was quick to point out that the Transit SSV is a one-off study and that is has no plans to present a production version.

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