Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 Ford Escape

It’s a wonder how the Ford Escape has been running for the better part of the decade now and yet there hasn’t been a whole lot to talk about as far as dramatic changes on the SUV are concerned. And, the 2011 model looks to be no different, either. Sure, it’s had a some changes here and there over the years, but for the better part of its lifetime, the escape seems to have been a vehicle that Ford continuously pays little attention to. The growing concern that the Escape is already showing its age must be one reason why Ford has bared plans of releasing the next-generation Escape in 2012.
For now, the 2011 Escape hasn’t changed much from the previous years’ models, although it does come with some new technological features, including a new HD Radio that syncs in fantastically with the brand’s SYNC entertainment system. It’s hard not to dismiss the Escape, but given the fact that not a whole has changed, we’re thinking that we’ll all be better off to just wait for the next-gen model coming out next year.