Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 McLaren MP4-26 F1

mclaren-mp4-26-f1-2011-Front-ViewMcLaren's new car which will be held in the 2011 season Formula 1 competition was launched on Friday, February 4, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The car, named the McLaren MP4-26 that still keep many puzzles associated with advanced technology. McLaren MP4-26 was designed with a shape that does not seem "arrogant". McLaren MP4-26 Nose flat course, does not look like RB7 profile, the new Red Bull Racing car.

mclaren-mp4-26-f1-2011-Front-AngelMcLaren MP4-26 Nose only seemed longer than the old model. Significant differences emerged only in the side air vents in the form of L so that the letter of the MP4-26 profiled U. "Please remember, you all have not seen the actual contents of this car. There are many interesting side of this car that has not been shown. We have deliberately concealed many aspects of this car from the media and of course the competitors," said Martin Withmarsh, McLaren boss.

mclaren-mp4-26-f1-2011-Auto-Show_carFormula 1 at its core is a sustainable development. We’re just going to do official tests next week. There will be some fantastic innovation that will be done after this, “added Withmarsh.
McLaren MP4-26 that was launched is indeed likely to be a mock-up, the car was not lauched in the circuit because the engine on a model that was launched is made of plastic. The car was also assembled in conjunction with the introduction to the public. McLaren’s new MP4-26 will progress to the second official test of Formula 1, which will be held February 10 to 13 in Jerez, Spain.