Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners

Have you ever experienced your ac suddenly remove fog from the front of your car dashboard, the emergence of the phenomenon of fog in the air conditioned areas when power caused by the environmental factors, including high levels of air humidity [humidity] What is the level of wetness Air Humidity depicting kensentrasi .Water vapor is a mixture of dry air and water vapor. High humidity can cause the emergence of the phenomenon of fog on the high Air Conditioner.Humidity mean concentrations of water vapor in the air that hight.With the principles of Air Conditioner where the blower motor on the Air Conditioner system will inhale a high concentration of water vapor in the air to air concentrations of components evaporator.High on these components cause the appearance of water droplets on the evaporator / wasp nest. The emergence of the phenomenon of Air Conditioner Fogging / haze from the Air Conditioner grid resulting from water droplets on the evaporator is blown by the blower motor. The phenomenon of fog in vehicle air conditioning is a normal thing because it is influenced by environmental factors, including high humidity levels. The emergence of Air Conditioner foggy on this vehicle is not because of damage to the Air Conditioner system and it does not endanger .Phenomenon is purely due to environmental factors. If the humidity level is high then we can do the settings on SWICH Knob by reducing the temperature of the air conditioner.