Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get Rid of Dry Hair and Hair Static

There are many things you can do to control dry hair and hair static.
Static electricity can be a real problem, especially during dry winter months.

One thing that will help right away, is not washing your hair everyday. This strips your hair of natural oils that help decrease static in your hair. 
Another tip is when you condition your hair, you shouldn't wash it all out. Leave a little bit of it in your hair just on the mid sections and ends. You don't want your hair 'squeaky clean' after you condition your hair. Conditioners help lay the cuticle of your hair down, which helps control static. Static is created when your hair cuticle is raised.

Useful Tips 

Your hair has a cuticle just like your nails. Using a little gel or mousse in your hair will help lay the cuticle of your hair down and help control static.
Another great alternative for hair static is to mist water into your hair during the day. Just spritz your hair when possible.
If your hair is feeling dry and crunchy, try an overnight olive oil treatment. Olive oil is a great inexpensive way to restore moisture to the ends of your hair or skin. Apply it to your hair overnight with a cap on to protect your pillowcase and sheets and wash it out the next day, followed by a good moisturizer.

Using a shine product or smoothing cream in your hair is another great alternative. Just don't overdo or you'll make your hair look greasy instead. Shine products should never be applied directly to your roots either. Use them minimally on the mid hair shaft and ends of your hair. Try Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff for shine without the grease. Its fairly inexpensive to buy, last a long time, and lays down your hair cuticle like a charm.
A good no-brainer way to control hair static is to use frizz free hair products. The less frizzy your hair is, the less static it has.

If you use a blow dryer, set your blow dryer to low heat or let your hair air dry if possible. Finish off any blow drying by using a cool shot. When you use a final cool shot of air on your hair, you help close the cuticle. When your cuticles lay down, you have less hair breakage and you increase shine-ability. Your hair will also be more controllable and be less likely to create hair static. Also the newer Ion blow dryers work very well at controlling static by creating more negative ions in and around your hair.

Use a moisturizing conditioner. This is especially vital in the winter or if you color or perm your hair. If your hair is damaged, you may need to build your hair back up and add moisture. Protein is the basic component of hair and moisture bolsters elasticity. Protein treatments with moisture are especially made for hair that needs reinforcement.

If you have hair static and your hair is brittle, do an occasional hair cholesterol treatment or use a hair mask that has a proven track record, like L'Oreal Professional Liss Extreme Enriching, Smoothing Masque. Cholesterol treatments were originally designed for African American hair types but most women find that they're extremely helpful in treating dry, brittle hair. Directions for use are on the product and are really easy to follow. All conditioner's work better with heat if you own a heat cap. (And you should!)
If your ends are especially dry, you may want to consider getting a trim. Its not a 'solve all' tip but can save your hair if you have a lot of split ends. When you don't trim off split ends, they just keep splitting. There are a few products on the market that promise to heal your split ends. If your split ends are getting out of hand, try TIGI BedHead Ego Boost Split End Mender or Joico K-PAK Split End Mender. These products just might be worth trying before your split hair ends get worse.

If you don't try to solve the problem promptly, hair splits will go higher and higher. Its best to trim them before they get out of control. If you're on a tight budget, you can find a lot of great ways to cut your own hair on my hair tube.
Smoothing shampoos and conditioners work really well to lay down the cuticle of your hair, which helps retain moisture. Hair static happens when there's not enough moisture, so try newer products like L'Oreal Eversleek to control it.
Hair glazes, used regularly, can also help control static. Most hair glazes have added color but it's also made in a clear formula that won't add color. If you have multi-tonal hair, (more than one color in your hair), use a clear hair glaze to refresh and brighten the color in between coloring. Glazes keep your hair silky and helps control those fly away hairs!

At home, use a cool air humidifier. These add moisture back to dry air and put moisture back into your hair, nails, and skin. You'll get rid of hair static and also be able to breathe much easier! They are inexpensive to buy at most any store for about $20.
Keep a water bottle nearby and spritz your hair during the day when you can. Water helps control dryness in your hair.
Try not to use a lot of products that contain alcohol, like shampoos, gels, and mousse. Look at the ingredients of the products you buy and opt for products that don't contain alcohol as the first ingredient. Organic hair products are a good choice because they're typically made without alcohol.

Rub a Bounce dryer sheet throughout your hair before you walk out the door into the cold, dry air. Your hair will not only have less static, it'll smell great!
Hask placenta is a low cost way to add moisture and restore protein to your hair. Choose Henna N Placenta with olive oil for adding moisture plus protein.
Drink water, especially during arid winter months when moisture levels are low. Of course, drinking lots of fresh water during the entire year is always a good way to lose weight and add moisture from the inside out.
Leave in conditioners help protect your hair and lay your hair cuticle down. These are a great way to help stomp hair static in its tracks.
Rub your hands over your hair during the day. The oils that accumulate on your palms, transfer to your hair and make it behave more favorably.
Avoid using plastic brushes or combs. They create lots more static electricity than natural bristled brushes.

My latest discovery is argan oil. Just a small amount of argan oil cuts down on frizz and static instantly. Plus it has so many other benefits, you'll wonder what took you so long to try it!
Another recent accidental discovery is to apply a detangling spray (like L'Oreal Kids Tangle Tamer) to dry hair, especially hair that frizzes out, which contributes to the hair static in the first place. Smooth the product down your locks and continue to add more spray as needed. Allow your hair to dry naturally, or use a hair dryer and blow down on your hair to dry. (If you use a blow dryer, finish with a cool shot.) You will simply be amazed! Your hair will be lots more manageable, softer, and shinier.
Control hair static and dry hair in dry environments using these strategies.

Another thing to remember if you have static in your hair, is not to pump gas while you're on your cell phone. Static and cell phone use have been associated with explosions at the pump so be careful. This is especially true during the winter months when there's lack of moisture in the air.