Sunday, May 1, 2011

O.CT Brings 420 Ponies to the Audi TT RS

Need to add a some extra oomph to your Audi TT RS Roadster (or coupe, for that matter)? No worries, there's an army of tuners out there that will most gladly up the performance ante of your car. One of the latest tunes for Ingolstadt's TT RS model comes from O.CT which has developed a sport package that includes an engine kit, suspension upgrades and a set of alloy wheels.
Thanks to a new custom exhaust system, an ECU mod and some fiddling around with the turbo system, O.CT pushes output from 340HP to 450Nm to 420HP and 570Nm. The conversion also includes a KW coilover suspension and a set of lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels.