Sunday, June 12, 2011

Season's swimwear revives vintage fashioned glamour

The bikini still dominates, as it likely-always will.
But for the less daring women out there, there is good-news.
Among the trends in swimwear this season is a return to the 1950s, with more moderate-coverage and feminine details making the bathing suit a lot less itsy bitsy.
Think Rachel McAdams’ Allie character in “The Notebook,” says Sonya Cosentini, a fashion-expert for T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

“It’s kind of that inspired look with the skirt. The bikini is always popular, but we’re seeing a lot of difference with it this year,” she says. “We’re seeing a lot more of the bandeau tops and bottoms with fold overs or little skirts to them.
While tankinis (the longer, tank-style top over a bikini bottom) have been popular for years, and continue to be so this year, Kohl’s is heralding this year’s “skirtini” as perfect for curvy physiques.

David Hacker, the company’s vice president of trend-and color, says halter tops and boy short bottoms are another playful take on that look.
We’re seeing a retro kind of ’50s look with boy shorts and a bustier top, says Ashlyn Delson, marketing director for Willow Grove Park mall. “These retro fits are really cute because they’re high-waisted.

“With bathing suits, we’re kind of seeing the-comeback of the ’40s and ’50s glam look, which is fun. It’s definitely something we haven’t seen in a while.
Patty Yu, a swim buyer for The Bon-Ton department stores, is seeing this elegant retro theme in the sweetheart necklines gracing many halters.

Another big trend this year is ruffles and they’re not always your little cutesy cutesy look. It’s more of a tiered-look as opposed to something doily-looking,” she says.
While the string bikini is still making a splash, Delson notes a trend this year toward more coverage in general. And that means more-attention to the one piece.
One-pieces are definitely coming back the sexy version of the one-piece, she says. “It’s not your traditional Speedo that you’d wear to a swim meet. It’s more of your strapless, sexy, cinched-waist one-piece. The retro swimsuits have-cute little belted waists.

Single-shoulder suits are another big trend in that silhouette, she-adds.
But for those who are-looking to do more swimming than lounging, Yu touts the Reebok Swim line, which, while-admittedly not the most trendy out there, boasts special features such as chlorine-resistant fabric and an anti-bacterial lining to keep suits odor free.

“It’s a great suit for doing water-aerobics or any sort of exercise in a pool,” says Yu. “You can find a basic black suit or something-with a stripe at the bust.”
Another innovative entry in the one-piece category gaining popularity- this year is the Miraclesuit, designed, she says, to make the wearer look 10-pounds lighter.