Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toyota Rav 4

TOYATO RAV 4Later, to facilitate charging of electric cars and hybrid vehiclesEven the power cable with a long cable suspended. Enough of the electric car car parked on a single charge.Toyota joint venture called WiTricity develop the new technology. With this technology, Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid-sufficient or a Toyota RAV4 EV could do to the electric cars parked in the vicinity of a special tool to recharge. This tool provides to send the battery without wires. No direct contact with the car.According to Toyota calls this technology is more efficient than electromagnetic induction technology WiTricity power 3.3 kW, comparable to the rate of the charger cable with 2 broadcast today. In the laboratory, the efficiency reaches 90% or 10% in transit between the supply lost to the car.
Back WiTricity already developed the technology to charge cell phones, laptops, televisions, and Toyota took this technology to develop the car to refuel. If successful, it will give you a big advantage because the    future of electric cars are more dominant.
Like what exactly this technology. His name is resonant wireless. WiTricity uses near the so called very magnetic. Charger in direct contact with sources of electricity in the home and office remain. The charger is equipped with a magnetic resonator equipped generates a magnetic field nearby. Dibenda be in the care of this car in the tidal wave receiver / receiver. Power radiated by magnetic waves Dikiim nearby field.

The current can penetrate a distance wireless obstacles like walls. You can also send electricity on a number of tools at once. The electrical energy can not generate tool that only accept gelobang frequency has been approved. If not, the frequency can not accept.

This technology is different from electromagnetic induction. This technology is indeed the rechargeable wireless devices. The gadget is in force and remain with a special base. However, it is exactly the basis special cables are needed to power the energy source at home.