Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bold Make-up Colors Take Over


Whether you're new to using makeup or wearing the latest trend, you can achieve a professional at-home look bound to enhance your inner beauty.

Bright bold colors are-jumping out of your closet and into makeup trends.
The runway often inspires new trends with clothing and makeup, said Sharon Tabb, an independent-makeup artist and event hairstylist in Oklahoma City.

If you've been stuck in the neutrals and aren't sure whether to be bold with the new trends, there are ways to ease adding color into your makeup habits.
Tabb recommends trying one color across--your eyelid or using the bright color underneath your eye as a liner.
You just keep it really simple, Tabb said. “You can use one shade. You don't need a whole bunch of shades. I really like putting a pop of color underneath for those who are nervous and would rather do what they normally do.”
Whether you're new to using makeup or wearing the latest trend, you can achieve a professional at-home look bound to enhance your inner beauty.
The color wheel you learned in art class can help when you're looking for the best eye shadow for you. If you're looking for colors to enhance your eyes, it's best to use the color on the--opposite side of the spectrum, Tabb said.
Liz Benkirane, a makeup artist and hairstylist at Flux Salon in Oklahoma City, said the key for making warm-colored eyes stand out is to use cooler colors, and vice versa for cooler-colored eyes.

Have the right tools

Before applying your make-up, prepare yourself with the right tools.
“You definitely need (an eye shadow) brush because it's for blending,” Tabb said. “When you're dealing with powder products, it's all about making them look smooth, and with a sponge-tip applicator, it makes it very hard.”
Benkirane said-beginners might be more comfortable using sponge-tip applicators, but brushes are better.
“You can be more creative with blending and colors,” Benkirane said. “It just kind of depends on where you are and what you're comfortable with.”
Another key tool is a powder puff, which is used to blend makeup, said Lilly Stone, owner of Soo- Lilly Exclusive Cosmetics in Oklahnma City.

Must have products

As you start or update your makeup collection, there are items makeup artists say you must have.
Whether or not you have dry skin, you should use a moisturizer, Tabb said. Also, you should use a lip balm that provides sun-protection.
“When you're doing makeup, you can't forget about your skin,” Tabb said. “You've got to keep your skin hydrated whether you're young or old. It also helps the makeup go on smoother.”
Mascara and lip gloss are two products--Benkirane said you shouldn't be without.
“You can throw on lip gloss or mascara if you're running late and still have a more put-together look,” Benkirane said.
Stone said women should never be without a good concealer, a soft bronzer, lip gloss, mascara-and a good moisturizer with built in sunscreen.

Common mistakes

Whether you've been wearing--makeup for years or are just getting started, there are certain things you should avoid.
One mistake women make is wearing the wrong shade of foundation, Stone said.
Stone said she tests foundation by trying-shades on the jaw line. When a color disappears, it's the correct shade for your skin.
Another common mistake is not properly blending eye shadow, Benkirane said.
“Blending is a very important thing,” Benkirane said. “You don't want it to be blocked off where it looks like a very different-thing.”

Tips for perfection

Once you have the right-tools and know what not to do, there's one last thing: achieving an at-home professional look.
Overhead fluorescents and more soft-colored bulbs can distort-appearances, which is why Stone recommends using natural light.
Benkirane said using-makeup primers for your face and eyes can help your makeup stay longer. Benkirane cautions women about going overboard with new things.
Don't go too extreme if you haven't played with makeup a lot,” Benkirane said. “Keep it where you're comfortable and go-from there.