Friday, July 22, 2011

School's out for the Summer!!

School is officially out for Summer! I am so happy because, I can have some fun with family and friends & I'm really excited to blog and film lots of videos for my Summer break! I got home at noon today from school because we were aloud to leave early, because it was end of term! I was going to film a hair tutorial today but I couldn't because I had some important things that I had to do! But Hey! I'm back, and I promise I will be on the roll with videos and blogging! My summer break is for just over 6 weeks and I have lots of things planned. I'm thinking of writing a post (with pictures obviously) about my summer break, I'm not exactly going to do like a diary of my six week holiday, but I mean some days, just so you know what I get up to!?

I'm watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' as I'm writing this post, and I'm just chilaxinggggg! I'm also trying to brainstorm different video ideas for the summer! ...Oh yes and I want to thank-you all wonderful supporters for the gain in followers on my blog and also,on my You-Tube Channel! I'm so happy!!

I've been really thinking well about my YouTube, and I thought that I could definitely improve it! What I mean is that I don't like the fact that I'm always standing up in my videos, but it's the only way I can get good lighting; maybe it's my camera? & I want a good background, but I don't know what to do! I want to do a Room Tour soon, but not now because I'm going to be buying room decor. I know, I know... I ramble on to much, but that's because I'm a talkative person, Aha! I will be filming a hair tutorial tomorrow, because I have so many hair video ideas, I just need to think of different ones!!

It's a cloudy, but breezy Friday, I was going to go out with my girls, but we decided we could do this in the summer! My schedule for today is pretty simple! I'm just going to sort out my bedroom, and watch T.V. I need to buy more make-up because I just chucked my old/unused make-up a few hours ago. In fact...In a few weeks I'm going to go Westfield, in London, to do some shopping with my girls. I have lots of things planned with my girls!! A 'Girls Day/Night out' 

This is actually a long post, but Ohhhhh!!! Before I forget, I'm getting a new video camera for my video that goes up to 1080p (Full HD) & I hope that makes a difference! Look out for more and EXCITING posts very soon! For those who have started their summer break, have a great one, stay safe, but have fun!!
Daisy Loves you!!