Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Summary

Hey beauties! How is your Sunday? I am really enjoying my day, I got a long lay-in, then had breakfast in bed, after all that, jumped into the shower, got dressed, did makeup, and spent most of the day in my garden, it's really hot outside, but I've got shade in my garden which is good. I love it when the  sun is out, it's what you call summer! Anyways...I sat in the garden for about an hour, then watched TV. (Keeping up with the Kardashians and America's Next Top Model) As you know ;) I am literally obsessed with KUWTK, I love it. I so want to go to New York and shop. I mean I've been there but I was young, so I wasn't that amused.

Anyway... after I watched keeping up with the Kardashians, I just listened to music in my room, and just chilaxed. It was a peaceful day even though my family were in. Oh yeah and by the way before I forget, I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday (I'm excited but nervous, to how it might turn out!) On Wednesday, I'm going to Brighton Peir with my girls! I've heard it a good place, they have a fair, beach, restaurants, places to shop, so I'm literally buzzing, I've gotta bring quite a bit of money, because the train tickets are so expensive!! I will definitely take pictures when I'm there, it's something I would like to keep as a memory in pictures!

There isn't really much to write, because it's been a relaxing day, but before, I stop writing I want to say that I will post a picture of my new hair on here, so that you can be first to see & definitely pictures from Brighton!
Have a good day!