Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chevrolet Pink Camaro SS Pace Car

2011 Chevrolet Pink Camaro SS Pace Car2011 Chevrolet Pink Camaro SS Pace Car

2011 Indianapolis 500 pace car has a brand new in the form of a special edition of the Chevrolet Camaro convertible. New car with distinctive white paint job with two orange stripes announced at Barrett-Jackson classic auto Scottsdale auction.Along with individual color schemes is the Camaro SS Convertible has the graphics "Official Pace Car" and leather-trimmed interior evoke the 1969 classic orange Camero speed of the car model.

The car is also celebrating 100 years of both the Indianapolis 500 and Chevrolet brands. You can expect a limited edition for 500 cars to match the name of the race, in fact, only 50 will be made.

Marketing Chevrolet Camaro in a car continues to speed relentlessly. We also note that one week will be given as a gift for Pete Rozelle award MVP (most valuable player) in the Super Bowl this year. The Camero is also said to show during a commercial break with the super Colon reportedly cost from $ 3 million for 30 seconds. Looks like GM's cost cutting has ended Chevrolet Camaro convertible.