Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sorry it's been long, but I'm back!

Hi girlies!!! It's been nearly a month, I know! I feel so bad, for not even updating you with what's been going on! It's school!! It's also been the fact that my birthday is close (13th October) I turn 15! & I am going out with my friends to a restaurant (on the 15th), just to celebrate it!! I really want it to be perfect!! Anyway, if you watch my youtube videos you will already know, a few things that's been going on! I cannot believe how much I miss blogging, it's crazy!! I am back; though I have an exam next week at school, I will definitely be blogging, I miss you girls so much! I also want to thank-you for over 60 followers!! Help me reach 100!! Anyway, I will see you soon!!

                                                   Lots and lots of love! <3