Friday, December 9, 2011

When school takes over! -Christmas cake, Art, Exams!

Hey beauty dolls! So, I am going to actually fully explain myself... I have not been able to blog in about a week or film a video on my YouTube channel! I have been stressing over revising for my exams! I actually had an English Literature exam today, it was so nerve-wracking! I was sat in an exam hall, writing about Romeo and Juliet for 2 hours! I have 3 exams in January coming up, so I'm going to be pretty much a busy girl 24/7 :( I obviously want to do well! It's GCSE's i'm doing lol!

Anyways on the other had I also take GCSE Catering and Art, as you can see in the pictures above,  it's a painting i'm still in the process of doing for my art coursework! Also because of the Christmas season, my catering class decided to make a Christmas cake! This is my design, it could be better to be honest ahaah, but I got the grade: A*, so i'm a happy girl! If you don't already know Christmas cakes can be preserved for about 6 months, so me and my family, are eating it on Christmas day! Ahh I'm so excited for the Christmas holidays, so that I can relax! If you don't already know, I will be getting a new camcorder to film my videos!

Hopefully in time for Christmas, because I want to film holiday inspired tutorials, and new years tutorials in Full HD quality!
I am busy all this week till next week as well, but I will be filming several videos tomorrow, that will be uploaded onto my channel in the week!
See you all soon, and I hope you understand how busy I am!!!! It's crazy!

Hope to see you all soon!

Daisy X