Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo
        Before the untimely death of Uwe Gemballa, he had given the world a special gift, a modified Ferrari Enzo. Gemballa is one of the most well-known tuners in the world, but all his work was previously focused on Porsches. So the move to work his magic on a Ferrari, and a very rare one at that – only 400 Enzo’s were ever produced – came as a big surprise.
The tuning went far beyond just looks. The Enzo’s aerodynamics were tweaked to give the car more downforce at speed, and the brakes have more ducting to cool them quicker. It’s also lighter, lower, wider and faster. The extra speed comes thanks to a tuned 6.0-liter V12, that now produces 700 hp.
The initial plans were to produce 25 examples of the Enzo-based MIG-U1, but with Gemballa’s death and reoganization of his company, so far only one such vehicle exists. It is currently on sale, and while the listing says the car is in the U.S.A., after inquiring the seller informed us it is actually currently sitting in Paris, France.
Interested? Thought you might be, after all it would make for an interesting addition to any garage. However, as you might have guessed, it is not exactly cheap. The current owner is asking $3.8-million for it, which is twice as much as what a regular Enzo is fetching these days. We suggest you crack open all your piggy-banks now.

Since the conception of an aerodynamic car body is active, the front lip spoiler produce additional downthrust up to 35 pounds on the front axle, according to the position of the individual. Analogical, flap in the newly designed rear spoiler generates even more downthrust to 85 pounds on the rear wheels. For optimal treatment results, the flap lowers, as soon as the car reaches a speed of 120 km / h. In this way, the concept-Gemballa aerodynamic suit the conditions outside and always ensures perfect road holding characteristics.
 Design of a machine designed by a team from the airways system ferrari Gemballa MIG-U1 does not only help bring the power of a twelve-cylinder car on the road. Here, both front and rear wheel-house supplied with cooling air and this ensures optimal use of high performance braking system. Outlets in the rear wheel to make sure that hot air does not accumulate. In addition, the air holes in the back door and over the roofs of fresh air into the engine compartment behind the passenger cabin. Newly designed air exhaust at the end of the channel and on the back of the skirt.
Gemballa car body components for the functionality of the new super sports car with the car and provide a unique look at the same time. Once the design of Formula-1 racing cars, Gemballa MIG-U1 has an extended front and rear spoiler-eyed. The MIG-U1 grows wider by 80 millimeters at the front and 100 mm at the rear axle. With the push of a button in the passenger compartment, it is possible to lift the body by 45 millimeters at the front and rear axle and therefore allows driving over obstacles such as the entrance to the underground car parking and traffic ramps. In addition, some sports suspension set equipped with ball bearing bushes significantly improves handling and ride comfort of the MIG-U1.
 Gemballa GTR RACING team forged wheels forged by our development partner “Advanced Structural Alloys” Contributions to both appearance and performance car. Alloy wheels are made ​​of large blocks of light combined with the highest stability is very light weight. At the front, 10×19-inch rims hold high-performance wheels in the dimension 265/35, while the rear axle transfers the power of the engine through 13×20 inch rims with 335/30 wheels. This combination allows the output performance of 700 hp (515 kW). End-of-pipe heat shield is equipped with typical Gemballa and share the exit into the rear skirt with the rear wheel house sewer.