Friday, March 16, 2012


Hey Loves! There is a hashtag topic trending on twitter, "".

A hashtag is a way for people to connect and share their opinions, that surounds around the certain topic. In this case, discussing the world we live in. 

Here's mine, and a few of my favorites:

#WeLiveInAWorldWhere You're Not Ugly, Society Is.

 cupcakes, unicorns and glitter are part of the everyday...or at least mine! :)

 if you have a different opinion than someone else you're an idiot or a hater

 people go to school as if it's optional where kids across the world wish school was an option

 people are more focused on swag instead of common sense.

 losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.

 pizza gets to your house faster than the police do.

 we judge others by their covers, and not by their content.

 if your not going out partying and getting drunk, your not a "normal teenager"

" Racism still exists . Stop Racism ! "

 Blackberries and iPhone determine your social status.”

 Do you Agree or Disagree? What hashtag examples are your favorite??? Post your #WeLiveInAWorldWhere Below, or send them to @sincerelycass11 on twitter!